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Singing is fun!

I firmly believe that just about everyone can be taught to sing with more confidence, consistency and beauty, all within a teaching environment which is safe and fun.

I teach in a practical, functional way which allows the student to apply their classical style to any genre of music which excites them.

I am familiar and comfortable with teaching to exam standard, and have taken students through to Grade 8 in a variety of different exam systems, including



LCM Music Theatre Exams


as well as preparing them for their performance element in GCSE, A/S and A level coursework. I have taught singing as a peripatetic voice specialist since 2010, and presently teach at Ripley St. Thomas in Lancaster and as staff singing teacher for the Lancaster Priory.

I have prepared students for auditions, for singing at birthdays and weddings, and just for fun. Whatever age you are, it's never too late to become a better, freer and more relaxed singer.

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