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Online singing lessons 

Online lessons are just as good as in person lessons, they just take a bit more preparation and some patience.

How do they work?

Online teaching works very well. The only snag is the fact that on every platform available (to my knowledge) there is no way of hearing sounds made at the same time. So I cannot play while the student sings.


Exercises will follow a call and response format – I show you the exercise and pitch and you repeat it back to me.

For songs you will need your backing tracks ready to go. This means having a separate means of playing sound from the computer that has the communication programme on it. So for online lessons to work, you will need:


  • A Computer with wifi or ethernet connection.

  • A communication programme such as Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime

  • An external mic (useful but not required)

  • A separate playback machine such as a phone or CD player with good speakers so you can play your accompaniment tracks.


It helps if the student stands far enough back that I can see at least their upper body so I can tell if they are breathing well. The playback device should be a little away from the communication device. Otherwise it will interfere.

In order to enjoy learning to sing on line, an agreement is made between the student and the teacher whereby:

• Payment will be made not later than 24 hours before the agreed lesson time or the time will be forfeit

• Students will “attend” their lesson at the given time

• Students will be in a public place in the home

• Students will be appropriately dressed

• Students under 16 will not be alone in the house

• Students will have all appropriate equipment and materials with them

• Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged

• Cancellations with less than 1 week notice will be rescheduled


The teacher will ensure that:

• Internet connection at the teacher's end will be strong and reliable

• The Teacher will be professionally dressed

• The Teacher will be in a suitable area of the home

• Lessons will happen at the appointed time

• Cancellations from the Teacher's end will be credited


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